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2 years ago

The Magic Kite..The best kite for kids.. NEEDS NO WIND TO FLY!!

Are you looking for something fun for the kids?
 Kids of all ages can fly a kite now.    

 How many time have you taken the kids out to fly a kite only to fail because it wasn't windy 
 enough or you never flew a kite before? With The Magic Kite we guarantee any child can now fly a kite. 

There’s something very magical about flying a kite.
With the magic kite its now possible for kids of all ages to capture that magical
feeling of holding on to a string while their magic kite sores threw the air.
  The magic kite is the only kite that needs absolutely no wind to fly.                   

    The Magic  Kite is  the first kite that needs no wind to fly.

       What You Get

      The Magic Kite. 
  Kite size: 38"/96cm L X 34"/86cm W. 
 Kite handle Comes with 150 ft. /50m of line. 
   All Magic Kite are delivered deflated.